Redbrick News: RA Presidents; what did they do next?

On Monday 2nd November, nominations opened for the Resident’s Associations elections.  Now their year as head of the RA draws to a close, the Presidents of the Vale halls reflect on their busy year and tell us their hopes for the future electives.

Despite the hall rivalry witnessed in Birmingham this year, the current Presidents shared many common aims and successes.   Chris Kimpton of Shackleton Hall said that his main aim was ‘to put Shackleton back on the map, making it a hall that everyone is proud to live in.’ Kimpton believes that this year, the RA have become a more active part of the Hall, helping to create not only a ‘Shack spirit’ but that he has succeeded in ‘turning Shackleton into a true hall of residence as opposed to a collection of flats above the Hub.’  He also recognises the importance of setting up an initial relationship with the First year residents ensuring that they know who and what the RA do, and that they will be willing to continue the legacy that this year’s RA have built up.  He commented: ‘We have hit the ground running with the Shackleton Freshers, they have no doubt in their minds that they are living in the best hall.’

Similarly, Vicky Barber of Mason Hall ‘wanted to create a good hall atmosphere and organise epic events.’  Barber felt that Mason’s biggest successes came from the summer ball and trip to Amsterdam.  She detailed these accomplishments: ‘I would say that one of our main achievements would be the summer ball because of the special acts. It was a brilliant night!’  Barber felt it most important that ‘the new President needs to make sure everyone finishes their year loving Mason.’

Susanna Milton of TECRA puts Tennis Court’s successes down to hours of hard work, and is proud to have ‘helped create a really strong community spirit.’  She said ‘this year Tennis Courts have broken a world record, been to Newquay and had an amazing summer ball, just to name a few things.  I continue to be impressed by everyone’s efforts and dedication.’  When speaking of the end of her role as President of Tennis Courts, Milton said: ‘I hope that the next President has just as much fun as I have had and that when it comes to this time next year they will be as reluctant to leave as I am.’  

Matt Hugill of Elgar Court simply ‘wanted people to remember their year in Elgar as one of the best of their lives’ and is proud of the non-alcohol related events put on, such as trips to Alton Towers and Go-Karting.  He commented: ‘I think I have achieved a lot of the aims I set out to do.  The hall became a lot more sociable and we got some great banter going with other halls.  We have created a great atmosphere for the Freshers and have shown them that Elgar is a small but passionate hall!’  He also hopes that ‘the next President will keep the passion going.’

Enthusiastic about the successes of his previous RA, Tom Beardmore of Maple Bank ‘wanted to keep Maple pretty much the way it was’ and felt it was important to ‘maintain the friendly atmosphere whilst building on Maple’s reputation as the party hall in Birmingham!’  On his achievements, Beardmore said: ‘I’ve aimed to keep the community spirit in Maple and I believe this to be the reason why Maple is so good.  This was my most important challenge in taking the role.’  On the new President, Beardmore hoped that they would take influence from the current RA: ‘I felt like our previous RA had set the bar in terms of what to achieve in the year, it would be pretty nice if the new RA felt the same way about us!’

Applications for the new RA must be in by 16th November and voting will take place on 2nd December. 

Printed in Redbrick: 13th November 2009


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