Redbrick Editorial: A Day in the Life of a Redbrick Editor…

With the Guild Awards attended, the AGM booked and this being the final issue of term, it felt an appropriate time to shed some light on what goes on in the darkened basement Redbrick Office. In recent weeks, Redbrick‘s name has appeared on Social media sites against some harsh comments and criticisms. I am the first to say that we delight in comment and contribution from our readers but some abuse received following an article in last week’s issue was particularly disdainful.

At Wednesday’s AGM, we will be hearing speeches from a record number of candidates for our Editor and Deputy Editor positions and I thought it important for the rest of our readers to realise what goes into producing a weekly 28 page Redbrick; I can assure you that it is more than a crossword and occasional spelling mistake…

As a Deputy Editor, I work alongside a Co-Deputy to organise the smooth running of the paper and support my Editor. We help to organise a large team of over 25 Section Editors, who themselves spend up to twenty hours (often more) in the Office every week assembling their pages. And this group of hardworking and dedicated people are not the only ones; the Writers, Proof Readers, Editorial Assistants, Arts Directors and Online team are all imperative.

The stages before going to print are many, and from the initial idea to the produced publication, there are at least ten stages to go through before the final article can be picked up on a Friday morning – and many more hours spent too.

Being a Redbrick Editor isn’t something that we do for fun, necessarily. Although the Office ‘banter’ and weekly whiteboard odds are enjoyable, I believe I speak on behalf of most of us when I say that the amount of care and passion that goes into the paper far exceeds the ‘fun’.

Our attendance at the Guild Awards on Tuesday summed up our affections with Redbrick. Whilst we mustered together two and a half tables full of people for the Awards ceremony (of which we were nominated for four awards), the Office downstairs had a significant number of Section Editors still working on their pages, putting together a twelve page Sports pullout, The Lion, and live-blogging a local Arts Festival.

The continued success of Redbrick is something that we all desperately want and work for every day. When I welcome in the new committee next Wednesday, I am sure that they will feel exactly the same way as I feel and they all already know the problems that Redbrick are facing next year due to cuts. I can only hope that our sense of adoration for the newspaper has made an impression on them and that they will continue our fight to keep Redbrick as it should be; ambitious, enjoyable and weekly.

Printed in Redbrick: 25th March 2011


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