Summer Songs.

It’s not like me to do a music post like this but as exams seem like a distant memory and post-exam celebrations entail a lot of nights out (and music) I thought I’d do a post of the music that I’m listening to this week.  I’m not acknowledged for my ‘good’ taste in music – my ipod almost made my friend cry the other day – but I listen to what I enjoy and although hugely commercial, these are the songs that have been getting me going this week:

Kanye West: All The Lights feat Rihanna and Kid Cudi

I love Rihanna and her voice sounds great on this track, adding something to sing along to when you can’t quite keep up with Kanye’s rapping and Kid Cudi’s… er… grunting?  Great video, reminiscent of Kanye’s Good Life featuring T Pain from back in ’09, and a big summer tune I reckon.

Example: Changed the Way you Kiss Me

Although I originally thought Example were a band (and not just one guy), I have been a fan since his album Won’t Go Quietly, released back in 2009; Watch the Sun Come Up and Kickstarts were two of my favourite tracks off the album.  Example is playing at our Gradball on Thursday and his new song Changed the Way You Kiss Me is set to be a big summer tune after its peak at Number One in the Official Charts today.

Chris Brown and Benny Benassi: Beautiful People

It’s a bit old now I suppose, but I really like Chris Brown’s Beautiful People.  In the same way that I like Michael Jackson – ie. I know he did something bad but can’t deny that he makes great music – I think this is a catchy track that will be playing on my iTunes all summer.  It would seem that Chris Brown is back after his avoidance of the spotlight in recent years but following all of his controversies, he has returned with an impressive new album F.A.M.E that should gain more recognition than his last effort, Graffiti which remained under the radar and was negatively received by critics.  Ironically, CB’s F.A.M.E features a tribute to his idol, Michael Jackson, in She Ain’t You.


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  1. Graffiti is a really good album. F.A.M.E isn’t quite as good but he’s redeemed himself in the public eye a little more now (expect the punching the window incident on Good Morning America…).

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