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Judgement Day.

Is today the day the world will end?  If it is, then why the hell am I sitting here amongst Shakespeare and the Milky Bar Kid (in the form of buttons) and not outside enjoying my last few hours? 

Although 89 year old Harold Camping – who predicts that a giant earthquake will roll around the world today – got his first end-of-world prediction wrong back in 1994, he is sure that today, May 21st 2011, exactly 7000 years since Noah’s flood, is the day that the world will end.  Believing that poor old Harold Camping is a bit of a nut, many have dismissed his Judgement Day prediction and mocked him for it.  But none of us will know until 6pm New York time (roughly 11pm British time) today.

In the spirit of believing that the world might end today, I have compiled a few ‘Life Lists’ of my top times before this beautiful world ends.  I hope you enjoy, and if Camping is right, I hope you will be a sucker like me and claim divine belief in exchange for saviour.  I’ll see you in Heaven…

Things I’ve learnt:

I can’t paint my nails.  It usually looks like I’ve dipped my fingers into the pot.

I am my father.  I’ve got the Shires nose and the Shires big toe, but as well as that, I’ve got the determinism and drive to do anything in the world.

I am actually more like my mother than I thought, and the older I get, the more of her mannerisms I seem to have picked up.  I now think to myself ‘that’s something mum would say’ on a near-daily basis.

I can be horribly stressy sometimes but it’s usually because I care.

I have learnt more about life and the world during University than I have about my degree.  But that’s ok, because I’ll use the things I’ve learnt about the world far more than I will use Chaucer.  I would have said Shakespeare, but his work has taught me a lot too.

I’m a hopeless romantic, probably influenced by my own parent’s relationship.  I want something like what they’ve got.

I’m also Bridget Jones, apparently.

I want to be a big-dog in the media world and my dream is to work somewhere high up in the BBC.

If I eat too much sugar, my brain hurts and my vision blurs.  My weird body also reacts badly to too much coffee, maltesers and crisps.  Or maybe it’s just reacting badly to the revision I’m doing whilst I’m eating said food.

I can be terribly bossy and usually think that I know what’s best.  I rely on the fact that I have more hindsight than my younger siblings, and justify this as my way of bossing them around.

Best days in the World:

A-Level results day.  Checking UCAS every hour through the night before receiving a letter in the morning to confirm my place at my first choice University and then getting three very unexpected A’s.  Needless to say I was handed a jug of water at 7.30pm to sober me up… This truly was the first day of the rest of my life.

Worst days in the world:

When I had a fight with a glass door back in 2004 and ruined my hand good and proper.  Although I’ve got some pretty fierce scars and can say I’ve had ‘plastic surgery’, it was bloody awful to be a fourteen year old kid staying in a Burns and Plastic Surgery Unit.  I think I learnt a lot about humanity in that ward and it put a lot of things in perspective.

I’ve come to learn that I can’t complain about the way that my world has been.  I’m a lucky person with good friends, good family, and opportunities that many don’t have.  I hope you’re happy with how your world has been if this is the end.  Enjoy your day-the-world-will-end.


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